Webix DataTable

Cross-browser DataTable is a powerful JavaScript grid control built with an innovative approach and the latest web development trends in mind. It’s currently one of the fastest JavaScript grid solutions ever created.Speed tests showed that DataTable loads 1,000 rows and columns 10 times faster than other grid libraries currently on the market. A powerful and feature-rich grid can now fit in a .js file of 38 Kb (gzipped). DataTable supports the display of tree-like structures, similar to what Tree offers. DataTable can load data from XML, JSON and CSV files and also allows you to use your own formats of data. DataTable provides built-in integration with jQuery framework. The appearance of DataTable is defined fully with CSS, making the grid highly customizable. DataTable can be used in mobile web apps that run on touch devices. The user interface is optimized for touch screens. Column and row height and width can be changed by dragging the vertical and horizontal borders of the table. You can create a grid with two frozen areas on the left and right sides with scrollable columns in between.