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Check the validity of the format of an EU VAT number.

jsvat is a small library to check validity of European (and few non-eu) VAT number. (learn more about VAT) jsvat use 2-step check (see below) and didn't make any request for external resources.

Each country has own regexp for VAT number and different math-logic of number calculating.

There is 2-step check:

Compare with list of Regexps;

For example regexp for austria is /^(AT)U(\d{8})$/.

Looks like ATU99999999 is valid (it's successfied the regexp), but actually it's should be invalid.

Some magic mathematical counting;

Here we make some mathematical calculation (different for each country). After that we may be sure that ATU99999999and for example ATV66889218 isn't valid, but ATU12011204 is valid.

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