10 Web Development Tools to Speed You Up

Web development is no more a daunting task as it used to be a few years ago. This has not been possible without the outstanding frameworks, tools and extensions.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of web development tools and extensions available out there that has made a web developer's life much easier. However, when an unlimited number of options are available in front, it often leads to confusion and ultimately make it hard to pick the most suitable option.

If you are a web developer and looking for proficient web development tools or extensions, we have compiled an array of superlative options available out there. Streamline your choice, and pick the best suitable tool as per your project needs and develop a requisite web solution with a flair.

Let's distill a list of noteworthy web development tools and extensions.


If you want to determine the font used in a web page that you liked, WhatFont Chrome extension makes a great choice. Although there are tools like Chrome Inspector and Firebug that facilitates one to determine the used font, these tools also demand expertise to deploy them. Thus, such tools are not recommended to individuals from non-tech background. However, the WhatFont extension can help one to determine the font by simply hovering over the text. It is extremely simple and easy to implement.

While allowing one to inspect a font used on an web page, it also helps one to determine the services used to serve the web fonts. And, for accomplishing this in an appropriate manner, it supports the Google Font API and Typekit.

Font Playground

Font Playground is an extremely resourceful extension that can benefit both developers and designers. By using this Chrome extension, you can seamlessly doodle with the local fonts and experiment the fonts available in the Google Font library. Also, since it allows one to tinker with the font attributes (like weight, text effect, font style, etc.,) without even making any real time changes, it makes a viable choice.

CssCop - FxCop for Stylesheets

{{ screenshot: https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/a921b98e-9430-4be2-bf53-1169e12bdb50 }}

CssCop - FxCop for Stylesheets is yet another useful tool that analyzes the CSS used for appropriate browser compatibility issue, syntax, etc., by implementing the CSS Lint. Moreover, it also allows users to personalize the protocols adhered by CssCop as per their needs. So, you can tailor the functionality of the tool as per your project needs. This tool is compatible with different versions of Visual Studio, including 2013, 2012, 2010 and 14 CPT.


{{ screenshot: http://livereload.com/ }}

LiveReload is another useful tool that supports integration of the Chrome browser to make the genuine LiveRelad applications for Windows and Mac, and third-party applications (like Yeoman) run flawlessly and seamlessly. Its official website offers a complete guide to efficiently work with this tool, you may refer that before getting started.


{{ screenshot: http://www.browsersync.io/ }}

Browsersync is a popular alternative to LiveReload. There is integration for popular tooling (Grunt, Gulp, etc.). In addition there is a browser based user interface, URL history and a remote inspector useful for debugging on remote devices.


CSS-Shack is a wonderful application for web and desktop users. You can efficiently create layer styles and push them in a single CSS file. You can efficiently accomplish both simple and complex tasks with this tool. Whether you want design websites or create a button only, it offers a proficient and highly creative tool.

Web Developer Checklist

{{ screenshot: http://webdevchecklist.com/ }}

To ensure that your website is embracing rules for better SEO, without leaving the site's performance and usability behind, the Web Developer Checklist offers a brilliant option. The tool offers a great way to make your site stand out among your competitors.

Rails Panel

{{ screenshot: https://github.com/dejan/rails_panel }}

Have a better insight into the total request time, Database, view rendering and so forth by simply using the Rails Panel, a Chrome extension. It is quite easy to use and includes a documentation that further makes it easy for professionals to work on the web.

Angular Batarang

Angular Batarang is an excellent extension that has been developed by the Angular team with a great precision. You can efficiently analyze nested scopes, view the associated DOM elements and easily get insights into models. Moreover, you can also identify your app's expression's performance and visualize dependencies.

Ember Inspector

{{ screenshot: https://github.com/emberjs/ember-inspector }}

Ember Inspector is an invaluable tool that amazingly augments Ember.js debugging workflow. It basically helps inspect controllers, for which one just needs to select an element that renders in a context for additional information. You can also have better insights into models and the associated layers, attributes, etc. It allows you to work smoothly without delving deep into the Ember object graph. Both Chrome and Firefox are supported.


These are a few of the amazing web development tools that can help you develop a required web application with a breeze without compromising on the app quality. The aforementioned list also includes some exquisite tools that can augment web designing. Choose the suitable tools and extensions to conveniently develop a web application or a website and stay productive while delivering high end performance.


This was a guest post by Amanda Cline. Amanda has been working as app developer with Xicom Technologies Ltd- mobile app design and development company offering a range of software solutions like IT Outsourcing Services, Custom Software Development and Web and Mobile Application Development Services. Apart from this she has gathered an excellent amount of expertise as an IT support personal, blogger, computer programmer, App developer, a mentor and a trainer. You can contact her via @amandacline111.