Monthly JSter #8: News of October 2013

Okay guys. We're going to try something a little different here. On average we tweet around three times per day at @jsterlibs. Roughly that means 90 links or so per month. That's a lot to click through.

As a result I'm trying out something a little different here. How would a bi-weekly publishing schedule sound? Then it's 45 links and I have time to include some commentary and there's less to click through. Everybody wins!

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  • httpinvoke - HTTP client library that shows a lot of promise!
  • Bluebird - A promise library with stellar performance.
  • Odometer - Awesome looking way to perform number transitions.
  • FormBuilder - Let your users build their own forms. Useful for survey builders etc. Demo.


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  • harp - The static web server with built-in preprocessing. Need to host some Markdown files quick and get them rendered? Harp does that.
  • StackEdit - A sweet, web-based MarkDown editor.
  • NodeOS - Not a troll, I promise.
  • nwm - Window manager for X11 developed using Node.js.
  • JSIL - JSIL transforms .NET applications and libraries into cross-browser JavaScript. So if you are into dotnet, this might be your thing.
  • html5snippet - More competition to jsbin, jsfiddle and co.
  • Strider CD - Open source continuous integration and deployment server.
  • cubic-bezier - Understand how cubic-bezier CSS declaration works.


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