JSter #59: News of November 2015 - Part 2

JavaScript can feed your cats/dogs/people.

Things are going pretty solidly with my React book. It reached version 1.9.10 with a nice amount of tweaks. There are still some coming as I want to improve the book while keeping it up to date.

I gave a presentation about it a while ago. In case you want to have an inside look at what it takes to write an indie book, feel free to go through my slides. The presentation digs more into the business side of things and it's a side you don't often get to see.

React Indie Bundle

The bigger news is that we published React Indie Bundle. The bundle will be available for this week and my book is a part of it. It includes books, videos, and a bit of consulting on the higher tiers.

If you want to pick up something to do during the holidays, perhaps the bundle would work. It's also a fine present if you are into that sort of thing.

This is a good chance to support indie work. We even give a part of our earnings to tool and library authors. After all, it's those guys that enable everything in the first place.


{{ screenshot: https://github.com/whackashoe/antimoderate }}


{{ screenshot: http://engineering.khanacademy.org/posts/js-packaging-http2.htm }}






  • robokitty - A DIY Cat (or dog. or human) Feeder powered by Node.