Monthly JSter #1: Trending Libraries on March 2013

For not to get lost in all this libraries we have on JSter we decided to deliver each month a brief summary on Jster updates. You will discover the most fresh and the most popular JavaScript libraries that were recently started or added to Jster. Don't miss them as they may save you the hours of work and ehnance any web applications. But before we start we have an announcement.

JSter team needs your help

Right now we are working on a project that will (as we think it) help web developers in managing user feedback. Meet Bugira, a bugtracker that allows any visitor of your site to submit you a prefessional bugreport. Within this report you will receive the most complete data you might need to discover the issue and reproduce it. You will know user's browser, OS, last actions and snapshot of a last page the user seen before the bug occur.

To bring this product to you we need to collect feedback from our potential clients. Indeed we require this to move on receiving investments. Pass this survey and get a free year of premium access to Bugira (once it is launched). Thanks for your time and let's go back to topic.

JavaScript libraries discovered on March 2013