JSter #97: Libraries and more

It takes two to JavaScript

The Summer tour is nearing its end. Only Augsburg and London remain before a short visit to Finland.

Third tour is already being planned. It will likely begin from Vienna in form of webpack clinics at the end of July. A clinic is a supercharged version of my workshops. You will learn a lot about webpack in a two hour intense session as I walk you through my material in a small group.

I'm also going to participate in WebExpo2017 in September (22-23rd). It's great to return to Prague again.

PS. There's a hard-cover Edition of the webpack Book available now.


{{ screenshot: https://github.com/mapbox/polylabel }}


  • SVG Morpheus - JavaScript library enabling SVG icons to morph from one to the other
  • veltman/flubber - Tools for smoother shape animations





  • webpack v3
  • Mimic - Seamless Client Side Mocks
  • iotaCSS - Smart open source SASS based OOCSS framework built for scale