JSter #178: Libraries, articles, and more

It's not just a signal, it's JavaScript

There are no words for what's happening in Ukraine right now. I can only hope the situation finds a peaceful resolution as soon as possible. That said, here's a monthly list of JavaScript links to study.


  • Braid - Synchronization for HTTP
  • cosinekitty/astronomy - Astronomy Engine: multi-language calculation of Sun, Moon, and planet positions. Predicts lunar phases, eclipses, transits, oppositions, conjunctions, equinoxes, solstices, rise/set times, and other events. Provides vector and angular coordinate transforms among equatorial, ecliptic, and horizontal orientations.
  • fdaciuk/conduit-api - API for Real World App project (Conduit) using Node.js + TS with Functional Programming
  • matthewp/haunted - React's Hooks API implemented for web components
  • classname-variants - Stitches-like variant API for plain class names
  • googlemaps-react-primitives - Google Maps primitives for React
  • react-api-query - Hooks to use react-query with a typed API client
  • Rythm.js - A JavaScript library that makes your page dance
  • terotests/numbot - A configurable parser for text based logs


  • raimohanska/harmaja - Experimental frontend framework
  • BuilderIO/qwik - The HTML-first framework. Initialize apps of any size with < 1kb JS
  • pankod/refine - refine is a React-based headless framework for building data-intensive applications in no time ✨ It ships with Ant Design System, an enterprise-level UI toolkit.