JSter #162: Libraries, and more

JavaScript is here to stay.

It has been another busy month. I published a new major version of my webpack book. Tomorrow, 2nd of December, React Finland mini-conference about performance will take place.

We also published a new version of MonoLisa, a popular font for coders. At the same time, we made the basic version a bit more affordable while offering more options.


  • pioardi/poolifier - Fast and small Node.js thread pools implemented
  • DataTables - Add advanced interaction controls to your HTML tables the free & easy way
  • vedantroy/typecheck.macro - A easy (and fast) TypeScript validation library/macro. Automatically generate validation functions for TypeScript types.
  • getify/monio - Async-capable IO Monad for JS, with several companion monads thrown in
  • pmndrs/zustand - Bear necessities for state management in React
  • 👷‍♀ Compiled - The CSS in JS authoring experience we love without the runtime cost
  • Rest Hooks - Delightful data fetching
  • saarw/flushout - Flushout is a distributed data model based on event sourcing written in TypeScript.
  • josdejong/workerpool - Offload tasks to a pool of workers on node.js and in the browser




  • Frontity - The React framework for WordPress
  • UmiJS - Extensible enterprise-level front-end application framework
  • Arwes - Futuristic Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk Graphical User Interface Framework for Web Apps
  • blitz - The Fullstack React Framework — built on Next.js


  • kenoxa/beamwind - A collection of packages to compile Tailwind CSS like shorthand syntax into CSS at runtime