JSter #106: Libraries, Articles, and more

There's no script like JavaScript.

React Finland (end of April 2018) ticket sales are getting closer, so remember to tune in to get one if you want to visit this northern country.

I split my webpack book into two books recently. You can preview the maintenance book online to get a better idea of the new one. The book lists a large number of good practices and helps you to improve your JavaScript projects.


{{ screenshot: https://github.com/PolymerLabs/lit-html }}

  • PolymerLabs/lit-html - HTML template literals in JavaScript.
  • deck.gl - Large-scale WebGL-powered data visualization.
  • TickTock JS - Making digital time mechanical.
  • Frappe Charts - GitHub-inspired simple and modern charts for the web with zero dependencies.
  • Server.js - Express alternative for Node.js.
  • Luxon - A powerful, modern, and friendly wrapper for Javascript dates and times.
  • Solidarity - Add Solidarity to your project for multi-machine peace of mind.



  • Emotion 8 - The popular CSS-in-JS solution has gained support for source maps and more.
  • rofrischmann/elodin - Quality and Optimisation tools for CSS in JavaScript






  • Cheerp 2.0RC1 - C/C++ to WebAssembly, mixed JavaScript/Wasm output, 30-90% smaller than Emscripten.
  • subfont - A command line tool to statically analyse your page in order to generate the most optimal web font subsets, then inject them into your page.


  • Field Play - Play with maths in a field simulation.