JSter #102: Libraries, and more

There's no time like JavaScript time.

Time goes fast when you are having fun. I spent a week in Israel and wrote about my experiences on React Next 2017. In short, it's a great event worth visiting.


{{ screenshot: https://github.com/automat/controlkit.js }}

  • automat/controlkit.js - A lightweight controller and GUI library.
  • AOS - Animate on scroll library.
  • ScrollMagic - Magical scroll interactions.
  • unified - An interface for processing text with syntax trees and transforming between them.
  • Pressure.js - Handle different touch interfaces through a single interface.
  • Freactal - State management for React and React-like libraries.





  • tkh44/babel-plugin-sitrep - Log all assignments and the return value of a function with a simple comment.
  • Prepack - A tool for making JavaScript code run faster.
  • Yarn 1.0 - Workspaces and other goodies.