JSter #101: Libraries, and more

I like my JavaScript with vanilla.

Third euro tour of the year is on-going. Busy days! I might see some of you at ReactNext or WebExpo.


{{ screenshot: https://github.com/evilsoft/crocks }}

  • evilsoft/crocks - A collection of well known Monadic Containers for your utter enjoyment.
  • explodal - The Most Explosive Modal on the Web.
  • NoobScroll - A lightweight jQuery Plugin that adds some cool function to make scrolling more fun.
  • zuck.js - Facebook Stories. Kind of.
  • across-tabs - Easily communicate among browser tabs (supports cross-origin).
  • Snap.svg - The JavaScript SVG library for the modern web.
  • Apollo Client 1.0 - A flexible, community-focused JavaScript GraphQL client.


  • Fathom - A framework for understanding web pages.



  • JS MythBusters - A JavaScript optimization handbook from a high level point of view.



  • puppeteer - A high-level API for headless Chrome.
  • Reactide - A dedicated IDE for React application development.