JavaScript Color Pickers

If you are building an application that deals with graphics somehow, you are likely going to need a color picker. Fortunately there are quite a few of those available for JavaScript. HTML5 includes color input type even. One color picker, aptly named nativeColorPicker, provides a shim for Internet Explorer so that you have got all bases covered. Other pickers available are more specialized.

One example of these is colorjoe. That is a widget I developed myself after getting frustrated with existing alternatives. My primary goals were to make it scaleable using CSS (no images needed) and make it easy to adjust. I think I succeeded in these goals quite well. David Durman's Flexi shares the goal of avoiding images. It is actually a lot lighter than colorjoe (19k vs. 4k. minified) though given its modular nature it should be possible to get rid of some of that fat if needed.

Besides these three there are quite a few pickers available. Enjoy the listing below for some. If you are missing your favorite, let us know and we'll add it to the catalog!