GraphicsJS is a free and open-source JavaScript library for easily drawing any HTML5 graphics and animation from scratch. It is lightweight and more powerful in terms of out-of-the-box features than the existing SVG/VML based components on the market including Raphaël and Bonsai. Key features of GraphicsJS making it stand out: - Virtual DOM for drawing rapidly and only what is necessary. - Smart layering, with z-index. - Clear and concise JavaScript API, with chaining. - Powerful line drawing, not only Bezier curves but also any lines, shapes, arcs, etc. out of the box. - Rich text features, with multiline text support, text measurement, wrap, indent, spacing, align, etc. - Full accessibility (Section 508). - Legacy browser support (IE6+). - Its own transformation engine. GraphicsJS was developed and previously used as the core graphics engine for AnyChart's commercial charting libraries – AnyChart, AnyMap, AnyStock, and AnyGantt. With that said, it is already employed to operate data visualization for Oracle, Microsoft, Volkswagen, AT&T, Samsung, BP, Bosch, Merck, Reuters, Bank of China, Lockheed Martin, and thousands of other prominent AnyChart's customers including more than 70% of the Fortune 1000 companies. Interactive data visualization is just one of numerous potential use cases for the powerful GraphicsJS library. It can be utilized to build absolutely any graphics-related patterns and solutions including stunning, animated pictures, cartoons, infographics, mind maps, and so on.